Legend Of Rune by YesterJoy Games is a an action packed fantasy Boys’ Love Visual Novel. It starts with the aftermath of the titular Rune’s escape from wicked experiments at the hands of the Kingdom of Salvis. As soldiers hell bent on getting you back chase after Rune, you discover Legend of Rune‘s ace in the hole.

Not only a visual novel, Legend of Rune also incorporates matching game mechanics, similar to Hunie Pop, but manlier. In the single fight of the demo, you get a good overview of how battles work, and of the magical elements. Rune, being a fire mage, makes short work of the metal soldier.

After the battle we meet a second character, rescuing a now injured Rune from more knights. Not much is revealed about the mysterious rescuer other than his name and who sent him. The demo ends with both of them running through the forest after Rune decides to trust him.

Those abs are entirely trustworthy

While a little on the short side, the demo hooks you in with breathtaking art and engaging characters. The inclusion of the Match 3 mini games is an interesting twist and gives some needed depth. A delight to play from start to finish, the quality of the demo bodes well for the full game.