We’ve probably all heard of steampunk and cyberpunk, but now the turn-based tactical RPG Z’Isle aims to make “cyclepunk” a part of our lexicon.

Set in the zombie-infested stress of Montreal, it aims to bring a new spin on undead slaying in the form of party-based combat and complex teammate interactions. And bikes, lots of bikes. With weapons and armour alike constructed from the many abandoned bicycles around the city, it presents itself with a unique, striking visual style in concept art and early footage.


More Than Just A Bicycle Party

Aside from the grid-based combat and resource management, Z’Isle takes a page from other group survival games with morale and relationship values to maintain between your cast of eccentric survivors. Putting each other in danger will lower their relationship, while helping each other out in a tight spot will boost it. Characters with high ‘chemistry’ can pull off more effective team-up moves during combat.


Zombies might be one of the biggest cliches in gaming, but Z’Isle has spirit and plenty of creative ideas to set it apart. Plus, it deserves praise for taking a more methodical approach to surviving the undead than other more guns-blazing titles. It’ll be interesting to see how well its many ideas work out if it proves a hit with backers.

Z’Isle is shooting for $50,000 in funding over the next month.

(Ed. We’ve added the promising Z’Isle to our Kickstarter Curator page, check it out at Kickstarter.com/cliqist.)

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