It’s not unheard of to see game developers start out with one engine and decide to move to a different one. It’s actually pretty common with crowdfunded games. Dreadlocks has recently announced to backers that their paranormal adventure Ghost Theory is being moved from Unity to CryEngine. According to the latest update, Unity just wasn’t working out for them. Thankfully, this switch happened early enough in development that it shouldn’t impact the timeline too much.


Alongside said announcement, Dreadlocks has submitted Ghost Theory to Crytek’s “Indie Development Fund“. This is a contest to receive extra funding to help finish the game. Unfortunately, the competition is pretty stiff and they’re running behind on the votes.

The Horror… The Horror

Frankly, the number of messages I’ve received have been a bit of a turn-off. I have yet to create an account, and I generally refuse to do so just for one thing. Also, receiving five messages about the funding since the announcement has been a bit of an annoyance. I understand they could really use the extra money, but I also don’t like my inbox flooded with requests to upvote.

Ghost Theory

That doesn’t mean Ghost Theory doesn’t deserve to be the number one voted game in the competition. It does mean that I’m becoming less likely to sign up for a Crytek account just for a single boost of the signal. But if you’re interested in helping out, just create an account and vote.

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