I enjoy a good online game, but I’ll admit that I’ve never been into MOBA gaming. That said, I do find Tuebor to be an interesting take on the genre. Blending elements of MMOs, RPGs, and the aforementioned MOBAs this one looks to be a unique addition to the genre. That said, while I love the premise it might not be quite for me.


Set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world, Tuebor would typically be an instant back for me. However, the third person action with little story that I’m aware of just isn’t my cup of earl grey. If it was first-person, though, I’d probably take a closer look. There is a demo to try out, so I might still give it a shot.

Don’t take all of this to mean that I’m looking down on Tuebor. The gameplay does look like fun, especially in the “skull ball” maps. That each playable character has their own style and role helps a lot. Games like Overwatch and Team Fortress are a hit because of these little bits of flavor.


If there is one thing I’m wary about, though, it’s that Tuebor looks like it’s a free to play game. With the exception of card games, I tend to shy away from backing a game most people won’t have to pay much, if anything, to play. It hasn’t stopped me before, though. Still, it doesn’t look like a particularly popular game as in a few days they’ve barely managed to make much money.

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