About two weeks ago, Venture Moon Industries announced they were dropping the DRM-free version of Duke Grabowski. Understandably, many backers were angry with decision by publisher Alliance Game Studios. As of a new update, though, things have changed. What led to Alliance’s change of heart hasn’t been revealed, but the fact they did is good news to non-Steam gamers.


Not So Fast

So far, response has been positive in the comments of the update. With Duke Graboski finally being moved from a Steam-exclusive release, the game should reach a much wider audience. Not everybody uses Valve’s platform, after all. Regarding the Steam release, look for it to be available on October 6th.  The plan for the DRM-free version is an end of year release.


Even though I do plan on getting a Steam key, I’m glad to know that Alliance has changed their minds and are giving backers what they wanted. I’m also glad because this was originally promised during the Kickstarter campaign. So, if you’re one of the DRM-free crowd you’ll have to wait a bit longer, but it is coming.

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