Did you ever wish you could be a Viking? But, you know… without the whole “glorious death” thing weighing it down? Iron Tides, which recently launched on Kickstarter, has you covered. There’s a demo if you’d like to try the game before pledging. We’ve covered it before here on Cliqist and had a pretty great time with it.

Iron Tides is a “rogue-lite” genre mash of survival, exploration, and tactical combat. The world is procedurally generated and pretty much everything in it wants to kill you. But that’s okay, because your crew happens to be a bunch of badass Vikings. Engage in raids, venture into treacherous areas and explore ruins all in the name of loot.

Combat is turn-based with an emphasis on strategy and tactics. Positioning, timing, and resource management are key. As you explore the sea, you’ll find many treasures to help you along your way. But as they say, the sea is a cruel mistress. You’ll find yourself having to toss treasure (or crew members) overboard to keep your men fed, or bluff your way out of terrible situations. Fail, and you and your crew will make a one-way trip to Valhalla, but at least the afterlife has plenty of mead.


Viking Funerals

That one-way trip comment isn’t a joke. Iron Tides has permadeath, so any Viking lost at sea will never find their way home. Each Viking you find has a unique set of skills, so make their lives count. Choose each new recruit carefully and plan your raids down to the ‘T’, and you should be able to keep your soldiers alive.


The Kickstarter campaign has numerous stretch goals and pledge rewards fleshed out, with the minimum goal set at $14,508 USD. There is also an interactive “points” system for spreading the campaign around on social media, which will add other bonuses to the game. It’s worth noting that the developers promise to deliver the game with or without funding. The goal they’re asking for will go towards existing debts and payments. The team plans to use a bank loan for funding the game proper.

(Ed: we’ve added the promising Iron Tides to our Kickstarter curator page, check out it and the other titles we’ve selected at http://kickstarter.com/cliqist.)

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