Developer, inXile, delivered the massively successful Wasteland 2 under the direction of Brian Fargo, and now Wasteland 3 is on the way. Set to release on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and quite refreshingly Linux (for those of us like yours truly running Ubuntu). The crowdfunding campaign just launched to RPG hungry backers.

Unlike its predecessor, Wasteland 3 is not funding through Kickstarter. This is despite Wasteland 2 achieving its Kickstarter goal of $900,000 in an impressive 48 hours. Wasteland 3 is instead being funded via Fig.

Wasteland 3

Getting Figgy With It

inXile’s Brian Fargo seeks $2.75 million, and sees Fig as hope for the future of crowdfunding. In a Sept. 28, 2016 Polygon article, Fargo cited Kickstarter’s overall loss of momentum for the switch. It’s Fig’s equity funding option that Fargo sees as a means of jump-starting the crowdfunding space, especially with larger $1,000 and up tiers. The idea seems to be that infusing crowdsourcing with more of a business-focus will eliminate the trend of one-time backing.

Fargo’s position on Fig’s advisory board probably adds to the pressure on both him and Fig to ensure Wasteland 3 is a runaway success.  Fig has only been home to a handful of campaigns (with mixed results) after all.  The most successful campaign to date, Psychonauts 2, was courtesy of Tim Schafer, another member of the Fig board.

Wasteland 3

Thankfully for Fargo, Fig, and anxious gamers, the Wasteland 3 campaign is off to an impressive start.  Less than a day after launching, over $1.8 million has been raised, $1.45 million of which comes from equity backers.

Changes to the franchise aren’t restricted to funding methodWasteland 3 will also see some gameplay changes for the series. A co-op mode joins the roster of features, and Wasteland 2’s turn-based tactical combat gets further refinement. You can kiss the desert goodbye, by the way, instead, prepare to trek through frozen Colorado.

As someone who really enjoyed Wasteland 2, especially the polished final iteration, I’m rather excited for Wasteland 3.  Seems I’m not alone.

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