So, Dragon Date got funded on Kickstarter. Just in case you somehow missed this little gem, it’s a visual novel where you romance sexy anime dragon-girls. Admittingly, we were a bit skeptical in our initial coverage, but 571 backers and $15,376 (of an $8,000 goal) prove that people want to date dragons. Sadly, according to the most recent update, they will be waiting just a bit longer.

Revised Timeline

The campaign for Dragon Date ended at the beginning of October. Akemari Studios had planned to release the game to backers beginning in November with a full launch to follow. Now that all their funding dreams have actually come true, they are planning to push back the timeline in favor of a more polished product.


“To be perfectly honest, we’ve had quite a bit of scope creep over the last month and a half, and the game is going to be considerably more glorious than I originally envisioned,” Akemari posted in a Kickstarter update. While an exact release hasn’t been locked in as of yet, the developer is confident that backers should receive their digital copies by February of 2017 at the latest. This is assuming they don’t run into any additional calamities.

Thus far backers have been supportive of the decision. Many say they are happy to wait a few extra months to ravish their scaled beauties. It probably helps that the delay is extremely minor considering how long some projects end up taking. It’ll be interesting to see how well Akemari uses this time and if the dreaded scope creep will strike again.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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