Now that Dwarrows has hit its Kickstarter funding goal, developer Lithic Entertainment has started teasing additional game mechanics for the peaceful adventure game. Notably, the self-proclaimed Metroidvania styled environmental puzzles.

In an update, Lithic’s Andrea Woodford explained how they hope to add additional surprise and mystery to the world of Dwarrows. “One of my favourite puzzling obstacles are the kinds that you discover, attempt everything you have in your arsenal and then leave, to one day later down the road: find the power/item/info that you need to get through the barrier.”


This, right tool for the right job approach will carry over into the town-building aspects as well. The update notes that there will be entire structure types and town functionality that are only accessible once the proper items have been discovered. To aid in this endeavor, players will discover and combine blueprints throughout the world. By expanding their blueprint library, players will be able to unlock special structures.

Give peace a chance

Dwarrows still has a few days left on its Kickstarter campaign. Since there’s no combat to expand on, Lithic is free to focus on clever mechanics and fun extras instead. The next available stretch goal will add more animal varieties to the pets available in the game. Dwarrows should be a solid adventure/town-building title when it launches on PC next year.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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