Some people just want to watch the world burn, others want to build a town and explore a beautifully handcrafted world. There is no in-between. Fortunately, Lithic Entertainment’s new Kickstarter project, Dwarrows caters exclusively to the latter. At least, it will if they are able to raise $9,148.

Fleeing a great flood that has destroyed their homelands, the peaceful wood-elves must rebuild their civilization. The player controls 3 elite characters, each with specific abilities, to help them gather, build, or explore. Occasionally players will have to combine the talents of their three characters to solve puzzles and complete quests as they uncover more of their new homeland.

dwarrows2Success doesn’t come from hacking an enemy to bits, rather it is found through more diplomatic means. Offering aid to the area’s locals and recruiting additional citizens will strengthen your town. You can even befriend animals which will join you on your travels.

Leave your sword at home

The complete and utter lack of combat struck me as odd initially, because what adventure game doesn’t have combat? Looking past that, I can certainly appreciate a game where I can build a town and not have enemy invaders immediately destroying it. Dwarrows is meant to be fun and relaxing to play. Its challenge comes from optimizing your tiny town and solving puzzles, not from an orc warband. It’s a surprisingly simple modification to the usual adventure formula that has gathered quite a following.

dwarrows1Dwarrows was Greenlit on Steam in only 13 days and ranked in the top 100 on day one. The graphics are lovely and add an enchanting quality to the environments. Even dungeons and haunted forests look gorgeous and exciting in this art-style. Being able to explore them without fear of a bloody and gruesome death is a clear bonus.

With the Kickstarter campaign more than half-funded, it looks like Dwarrows should easily surpass it’s modest goal. Be sure to check it out before you start building your next town.

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Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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