I like noir stories. I’m also a fan of comedic games. Put those together with a healthy dose of adventure and it’s sure to be a hit with me. Coming soon to crowdfunding is a point and click title featuring both of those, as well as birds and plants, called Detective Gallo. From my understanding, the titular character takes on a murder case from an eccentric billionaire: a multiple plant homicide. That’s right, plants.

Detective GalloAnyway, Detective Gallo looks to be an interesting and funny addition to any adventure game lover’s collection. I certainly look forward to knowing more about it than what’s currently on their site. It’s admittedly little, but once the crowdfunding campaign hits I’m sure we’ll know a lot more.

Speaking of crowdfunding, Detective Gallo is not going to be hitting any of the usual sites. Instead of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, Footprints is taking it to an Italian site called Epella. What concerns me most about this is that not many people know about it. It could conceivably hurt their chances of going with a lesser known site, but either way I do really look forward to seeing them launch on October 29th.

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Serena has been a gamer since an early age and was brought up with the classic adventure games by Sierra On-Line, LucasArts, and Infocom. She's been an active member on Kickstarter since early 2012 and has backed a large number of crowdfunded games, mostly adventures. You can also find her writing for Kickstart Ventures and evn.moe.

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