Goofy, but somehow awesome, pirate FPS Blackwake has reopened its backing for new prospecting swashbucklers. Despite hitting successful funding last year, the developers decided to reopen the campaign through their site after a survey revealed people were interested.

Those who back the game on the official site can play the game during the alpha weekend tests. The idea is that you’ll get to support Blackwake and help playtest it for the final build. As such, the developers are only accepting donations of $19, the same as the STOWAWAY tier that granted early access in the original campaign.


The developers urge that this is not technically an early access purchase. The game will not be running 24/7; the servers are only live for short periods of time so that the developers can collect data and taking time to reflect on the results. They also ask that you refrain from backing unless you are serious about testing the game during the alpha weekends.

If this seems strict, it’s because they’re only accepting a few more backers to populate the servers. You could argue that playtesting their game ought to be free. However, bear in mind that people have paid money for this access before. It would be unfair to the original backers if they opened the gates for everyone right now.


Make sure to read the post and decide whether you’re willing to take the plunge, as it were. Otherwise you can wait and see if an open beta releases in the coming months.

David Lins
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David Lins