The sweeping vistas and meticulous details of Cyan Inc.’s Obduction can now be experienced in virtual reality. The VR experience first arrived on the Oculus Store on Friday, October 28th. The game has since been updated across the remaining stores (Steam, GoG, Humble) to offer players a fully immersive experience.

In addition to the VR version, support is also being added for NVIDIA HDR and NVIDIA Ansel. This will allow for 3D, 360° panoramic screenshots with super resolution. These screenshots can be customized with post-process filters and shared with friends.


Players who use Chroma-enabled products are also getting some support. Obduction is now able to light up Razer Chroma peripherals to coincide with in-game events. All the new stuff also comes with a host of bug fixes and updates for a smoother overall experience.

Walking In A VR Wonderland

Obduction offers several methods of VR exploration. Players can use the Oculus Remote or the default “Blink” mode to traverse the environment. Anyone looking for more of a challenge is also welcome to experiment with the “Free” navigation mode. The controls are similar to those found in a FPS and can be accessed from the Controls menu.

Backers are still waiting to see if they will get a Vive version, but the Oculus users seem to be happy with their new functions. There have been a few complaints about the lack of free rotation and fluid movements, but overall the  Obduction VR feedback on Steam has been mostly positive.

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