What happens when you die? Nobody knows for sure, but there are a lot of theories out there. One of the more popular theories is that we’ll face our own judgment upon death. This is the theory that Mortido on Indiegogo right now, submits to us.

Mortido is the story of an ill man on his deathbed. As he dies, he enters a bizarre world to embark on a 40-day-long journey to the afterlife. Along the way, he’ll meet many other characters. All of them are different, but there must be something that has brought them all together.

The game is a dynamic adventure that tells the tale of real people. The team hope to tell an emotional, personal story full of discovery that weaves truth and fiction together, inviting you to walk the thin line that separates them.


Mixing Stealth and Exploration

The game will place a heavy focus on exploration and stealth. You are not alone in this world, and many souls you encounter will be enemies. Every soul wears a mask, serving as fragments of memories that allow you to recall your past. If you lose it, you’ll lose yourself, doomed to wander the afterlife for eternity. This process changes you depending on what kind of life you lived. For example, murderers will become vile creatures of destruction.

Of course, you aren’t defenseless. Depending on the “essence of your soul” you will be able to command the forces of light or darkness against your foes. Powerful enemies and bosses stand in your way, but you will be able to recruit allies to help on your journey.


The trailer shows a small amount of gameplay, but it seems the game is in its early stages. The concept art and renders look promising, though. The standard stretch goals and pledge tier rewards are available as well.

Mortido is a bit weird, but that doesn’t make it bad. If the concept intrigues you, check out the Indiegogo campaign for more information on the game.

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