It’s appropriate that the US election is just days after Halloween. This election has been a hell on earth, scarier than anything you’ll see today. So to celebrate today’s Halloween spookiness, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire episode of Kicked! to games about this here election. It’s a lot more grim than you might expect.

Here we look at Trump Wall Simulator (again), President Forever 2016, and Political Knockout – PKO Presidential Fighting App. But don’t for a second think we left out Ron Paul: Road to Revolution, how could I not talk about that one?

Just about everyone one of these are terrible, developed by developers with little to no experience. Still, it’s amazing just how successful some of these campaigns have been, like Ron Paul: Road to Revolution. We wrote about its MIA status in January this year, and nothing’s changed. The developer has more or less taken the Kickstarter’s $11,000 and run, blowing most of it on simply trying to print T-shirts.

But you can hear about this, and the strangely similar Bernie’s Journey in the episode. And of course, this episode has nothing to do with politics. It’s simply a look at political themed video games on Kickstarter. Trust me, I only insult Donald Trump once. Maybe twice.

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