After some turbulence following the US Election, Kicked! is back with Wasteland 2. The post-apocalypse has returned after nearly 30 years thanks to Kickstarter, and this is in no way any form of commentary whatsoever.

Series creator Brian Fargo brought his three decade old franchise back thanks to Kickstarter, and that’s no coincidence. The project launched in March 2012, launching the day Double Fine Adventure’s campaign came to a close. Later renamed Broken Age, Double Fine’s point-and-click adventure put Kickstarter on the map, and everyone was looking to hop on that nostalgia-driven train.

It was effective too. Despite not having ever played the original Wasteland, I backed its sequel on Kickstarter. I was swept up in the hype surrounding the Kickstarter bubble and frantically backed all the big projects. A lot of people felt the same way, as the project raised $2,933,252. Though maybe it had more to do with the hype of Kickstarter, as the crowdfunding campaign for Wasteland 3 was even more successful. But on the other other hand, people could be caught up in the hype of Fig.

Check out these confounding conundrums and more in the video.

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