I don’t know what Interceptor Entertainment, the folks behind Rad Rodgers, is trying to pull. They released an update saying they had finished a prototype for an Super Nintendo cartridge. It’s just a copy of the game on a USB drive that you can connect “anywhere you want.”

Don’t Panic

But what is that? What on Earth is that? That, my friends, is not an SNES cartridge. The SNES carts I grew up with as but a young wee lad looked nothing like this abomination you present before me, good sirs and madam’s at Interceptor Entertainment, they indeed do not!

What that actually is, is a cart for the European Super Nintendo and, by extension, the Super Famicom from Japan. The European and Japanese Super Nintendo’s were different from the good old fashioned one’s here in the US of A, featuring a more rounded shape and a lighter tone. No comment was made of this distinction, forcing one to assume that no North American versions will be available.


The European SNES/Famicom cartridges (left) both featured the same design. The North American carts (right) had a different design to suit the different design of the console.

Everyone Panic!

This is simply unacceptable, friends. The end times are truly upon us when we, these United States of America, are not being catered to by foreign markets. What will we tell our hypothetical children when they see that we, as a nation, aren’t getting SNES carts from small indie companies like everyone else? They’ll have to assume that the end is nigh, and it’s not going to start shouting “Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill!” before a giant head bursts out of the screen at us!

This is pretty cool to see though.

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