Know what’s more fun than escaping the Mummy’s tomb with your plucky band of friends? Totally screwing them over and taking the priceless artifact for yourself. At least, that’s one potential outcome in Sweatshop Dev’s new Kickstarer campaign, Mummy’s Day Massacre.

Originally created as an entry into the Ludum Dare gamejam, the project is seeking $3,716 on Kickstarter. The team will use this money to expand the concept into a full game. Inspired by Overcooked and Tomb Raider,the premise is based around the theme of ‘ancient technology’. Players are tasked with exploring and looting tombs and spooky mansions in their quest for treasure. Along they way, the 2-4 players can team up to take out the level’s monster, or compete to see who can survive with the most treasure.



It’s a pretty simple concept. This is likely due to the limitation of being developed in 72 hours. The current final product is expected in March 2017 and will have a small set of features. Currently only 2 monsters, 3 game modes and a handful of traps and power-ups are planned. There are additional environments and monsters that may become available as stretch goals. The developers have also teased the possibility of online multiplayer if enough money is raised.

Unraveling Some Snags

Overall, Mummy’s Day Massacre doesn’t look terrible, but it also doesn’t look like a fully fleshed out game. The limited number of monsters and environments may prevent potential backers from getting too excited about the campaign. Also, while couch co-op might be gaining in popularity again, the lack of online multiplayer could seriously hinder any party game’s potential. Some of us don’t want to be sitting shoulder to shoulder with our friends when we turn on them.


You can play the Mummy’s Day Massacre demo to get a look at the current graphics and level design. The developers are planning for a PC release following a successful Kickstarter and subsequent run on Steam Greenlight.

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