I’m a big sucker for weird games, and the more surreal and strange the better. Two years ago, a post apocalyptic comedy adventure caught my eye on Kickstarter and I couldn’t back it fast enough. Paradigm was pretty much everything I wanted in one crazy package. From the wacky characters to freaky locations, I wanted to see it become a reality. And it made funding easily, blowing through the stretch goals.


Paradigm has been in development for quite some time now. However, creator Jacob Jankera has kept in touch with backers either through updates or social media. He’s also shown off a lot of cool artwork that really shows how weird the world he created is. I’m still very much excited to see it release in January. According to the latest update, voice acting and some script work still needs to be done. Other than polishing up and some testing, it’s still on track for early next year. Yay.


In addition to the main game, Jacob has also been working hard on prototyping some rather bizarre mini-games. My personal favorite has to be the toaster dating sim. There, surprisingly enough, was a lot of demand for that to be included. After all, who doesn’t want to date a kitchen appliance? In addition to that, backers of Paradigm have been getting to see their heads in jars for those that bought that in-game appearance. I got to see mine and fell in love with it instantly.



Of the adventure games still in development, Paradigm is one that I really can’t wait to get my hands on. Being at such a high tier, I look forward to getting an early peek at the finished product. For those that aren’t as lucky, you should be able to experience such a surreal and bizarre game in a couple months.

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