ROCKFISH’s 3D space shooter, Everspace released in early access across multiple platforms back in September. Based on the mostly positive feedback they’ve already received, the game is off to a great start. Still, ROCKFISH didn’t raise €420,252 with their funding campaign by being complacent. A recent patch showed that the developers are still working hard to bring the best possible experience to their 10,739 Kickstarter backers.

The patch, which released at the end of October, brought over 50 additions to the early build of Everspace. Of course there were the usual tweaks and bug fixes, but the real star was the inclusion of the brand-new Colonial Scout player ship.


The Scout is unlockable as an additional player ship and is much smaller than the Colonial Intercepor that players have been using. This means increased maneuverability and faster top speeds. Balancing this, the Scout has a weaker hull and a collision while dashing through dense asteroid fields could easily result in death. The Scout also features increased sensors, a cloaking device, and a long-range shock rifle.

Take It Easy, Or Not

Players who’ve had trouble adjusting to the challenge of Everspace will now be able to select difficulty levels to match their skills. ‘Easy Mode’, as the name implies, provides players with more access to traders and service stations while throwing fewer hazards their way. The downside being they will receive less credits during their runs.


Meanwhile, veteran players who are ready for more of a challenge can tackle ‘Hard Mode’. This mode will take all the difficulties encountered from normal difficulty and crank them up. Players who manage to survive will not only be handsomely rewarded with additional credits, but also have a higher chance of securing precious blueprints.

The promised Linux support for Everspace is still lacking, but ROCKFISH reassured backers that they are making progress on that front as well. There are still plenty of lingering issues with porting Everspace over, but the devs remain confident that they’ll get it sorted out. Maybe in time for their next update?

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