3D space shooter, Everspace just went live on Steam Early Access, Game Preview for Xbox One & Windows 10, and GOG Games in Development this week. Everspace has been well received so far, at least from those who’ve been able to play it.

Currently, there are quite a few backers of various funding tiers reporting on both the Kickstarter page and Everspace’s game forum that they still haven’t received game keys. ROCKFISH has been receptive to the complaints so far and seems to be actively working to get the remaining keys to their owners.


Everspace is an action-focused space shooter which was funded for €420,252 last year on Kickstarter. It combines high quality visuals with rogue-like elements, and a non-linear story. As a single-player experience, Everspace forgoes the typical space simulator aesthetic and instead goes full sci-fi with its graphics. The result is a gorgeous mix of lights and effects that makes even asteroid mining look exciting.


ROCKFISH is using the Early Access release to gather feedback and continue adding features leading up to a Q1 2017 full version release. Over the next few months players can anticipate additional features including: two new player ships, dynamic cockpits, fully voiced narrative, a hardcore mode, and VR-support.

For those who missed out on the campaign or subsequent beta release, you can still jump into the early access bandwagon for $29.99 over on Steam. Hopefully the missing keys will finally make their way to the eager backers who paid for them. ROCKFISH has been very responsive to their community throughout Everspace’s development. It should be a safe bet that they will continue to take care of their backers.

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