As Valve taught us many years ago, steam makes everything better. Well, almost everything. Big Way Games hopes to add sandbox survival games into that list with Steam Hammer, now on Kickstarter.

Steam Hammer is a steampunk survival game set in a dreary, unforgiving world. Players can band together to craft unique armor and weapons, all using a classic Victorian steampunk aesthetic. PvP will be a large feature of the game of course, so make sure you’ve got friends and know how to defend yourself. After all, as the trailer states, pillaging and plundering is far easier than crafting your own stuff.


The game will feature RPG elements such as skill-trees, but the developers say you can warp these elements to suit your unique playstyle. You can play a sharpshooter, engineer, scientist, gunsmith, or some weird combination of them. You cannot master every class, though, so make sure you’ve got some friends if you hope to build cities and such.

In terms of crafting, you’ll be able to build structures, weapons, armor, and more. Sweet jetpacks and, of course, steam-powered hammers are just a few of the specific examples. You’ll also be able to terraform and shape the world around you via mining and digging.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Steam Hammer are the airships. Once players reach a certain level, they’ll be able to take to the air with giant, unfeasible leviathans. If you thought trolling enemies on the ground was fun, imagine what it would be like piloting one of these things:

steam hammer

If you’re into steampunk and survival games, then check out the Kickstarter for more info.

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