Despite getting excellent press coverage and basically being everything I’ve ever wanted in a paranormal investigation game, Hellhunter still hasn’t reached it’s Kickstarter goal. Fortunately, Ballistic Interactive has seen fit to sweeten the deal for backers and those still on the fence about shotgunning ghosts in the face.

A recent update introduced the arcane powers of artifacts to the gameworld. In Hellhunter, magic is a rare and powerful force which is always tied to darkness. Players must use every weapon at their disposal to get a leg-up on the monsters they are tasked with destroying. Even some items that come with a terrible curse.


The game already featured 9 bullet types per weapon class to help take down the assorted creatures of the night. This array of weaponry covered everything from silver nitrate rounds for wraiths and lycanthropes to ultra-violet rounds to use on nosferatu and shadows. This makes the investigation aspect of Hellhunter especially important. You’ll have a hard time surviving if you bring the wrong ammo to a ghost fight.

The Right Tool For The Job

Artifacts expand on this premise a bit, with players needing to hunt specific enemy types to harvest rare materials. By using expensive blueprints, hunters can combine these materials with quest rewards to create more powerful items.


The first artifact Ballistic has revealed are the ‘Stalingrad Boots of Torment’. The boots grant their wearer the chance to dodge incoming projectiles. However, this ability doesn’t come without a price. Dark creepers will occasionally attack and immobilize players who use the boots. It’s a gamble that will not always pay off.


For those of us who already backed Hellhunter, the new features are just icing on a delightfully creepy cake. The game has already been greenlit by the Steam community and has less than a week left of its Kickstarter campaign. Currently, the project is sitting at just under half-way funded. If it’s something that interests you, (and it should) now would be a fantastic time to get on the backer wagon.

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