Transparency is a large part of what makes crowdfunding so exciting. It allows gamers to sneak a peek behind the scenes and see what makes their favorite indie games tick. Occasionally a game will really take off and manage to sell a million copies.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for developers who hit this milestone to post an update thanking backers and giving a full rundown of their project to date. Yacht Club Games did it with Shovel Knight, and now Red Hook Studios carry’s on the legacy with Darkest Dungeon.


The recent launch of Darkest Dungeon on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita provided the final push to get the game over one million copies. Since September 27th approximately 50k copies have sold on these platforms worldwide. Crowdfunding sold the first 11K copies. Specifically, through a successful Kickstarter campaign and the Humble Widget.

Steam is still the breadwinner of the storefronts. According to Red Hook, Steam sales account for 94% of copies sold at this point. It’s not too surprising, considering the Steam Early Access version sold over 50,000 copies within the first 24 hours.

“Random Factoid: Per SteamSpy, the average owner has played 27 hours of Darkest Dungeon.”

Upcoming features include the first Darkest Dungeon DLC, The Crimson Court, which is coming in early 2017. The team wants to incorporate Steam Workshop support in the future to allow for community modding projects.


Red Hook also took the opportunity to hint that they are already planning their second game, although production hasn’t begun yet. I think it’s safe to say that Darkest Dungeon fans will be looking forward to whatever comes next.

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