I have a love/hate relationship with Shovel Knight. But since I can go on all day about that, let’s instead focus on the real news.

Developer Yacht Club games published an update recently detailing the future of Shovel Knight. After many years of waiting, the next add-on for Shovel Knight, Specter Knight, is coming soon. Ha, just kidding, it’s not even close yet. No release date has been given for it, or the other major pieces of content that are supposed to be coming like King Knight, the co-op mode, or the gender swap mode.
ShovelKnight_SpecterKnight01The update briefly talks about some new features in Specter Knight. It showcases some of the new moves you’ll be able to do, or not do if you’re like me, such as a wall climb and dash attack. That’s… all there is about the DLC, actually. No other gameplay changes are mentioned, or any new additions to the story or levels.

This update is little more than reminding people that new content is still on the way, something we’ve already known for a long time. But, to Yacht Club Games’ credit, all of this DLC will be available for free to everyone, not just the Kickstarter backers.
ShovelKnight_SpecterKnight02The one real bit of news is that a physical copy will finally be made available for the PS Vita, available through Fangamer. It’s coming this October, so at least there’s a release date for something.

Perhaps the two most interesting pieces of news regarding the developer aren’t shared in this update, for some reason. The first is that the developer is moving into the publishing business, with their first release being Azure Striker Gunvolt.

The other news is that Yacht Club is holding a vote for what their next game should be. Options include Shovel Knight 2, Shovel Kart, or games based on Mega Man or Metroid among a few others. That sounds like a big decision to be putting in the hands of random people. It’s a good thing putting massive decisions like that up for public vote has never resulted in catastrophe before!

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