As I’m sure you know today is Thanksgiving is the US.  It’s a day of for giving thanks for what we have, spending time with loved ones, and helping those less fortunate.  With that said, the Cliqist team encourages you to hold on to any money you’d spend on backing Kickstarter campaigns and instead consider helping those in even greater need.

Here’s each staff members charity of choice in case you’d like some ideas.  When donating to any charity I encourage you to check them out through Charity Navigator and Charity Watch to ensure they’re on the up and up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

gregGreg : Planned Parenthood – Given that we’ve elected a hate-filled Cheeto Chicken Fry as our next president, organizations unpopular with the equal-rights hating alt-right nutcases are in need of support now more than ever.


joanna-smallJoanna : AbleGamers – Gaming can have a profound impact on people’s lives. From rich storytelling to diverse online communities, there are so many reasons that people love to play games. AbleGamers aims to make this pastime possible for everyone, regardless of physical limitations or special considerations. Through advocacy, outreach, and assistive technology, donations to AbleGamers help make it so that everyone can game.

serenaSerena Nelson : Lamba Legal – As both a supporter and member of the LGBT community, legal matters revolving around the queer community are forefront in my mind. Lambda Legal seeks to not only help us gain full civil rights but it also seeks to help educate the community to the rights they have now.

DanMillerProfileDan : WaterAir – My charity of choice is WaterAid who work to make clean drinking water available to those who most need it around the world, as well as providing education on hygiene and sanitation.


Georgi_ProfileGeorgi : WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) – Did you know that 96 elephants are killed in Africa every day, just for their ivory? If you’re bothered by that, check out the Wildlife Conservation Society and give thanks to all the animals that take crap from us silly humans on a daily basis. The organization works with multiple governments on several continents by raising awareness, offering scientific research and investing in local communities.

lagunaLaguna : Planned Parenthood – This year, I’m backing Planned Parenthood. There are so many causes in America that are going to need help in the coming years that is was hard to decide on just one, but this is one I’ve backed before when things looked rough. Family is a big part of who are and who we become, and Planned Parenthood helps with lots of things that certain people forget about. Let’s try to help ensure Planned Parenthood is able to do that.

davidDavid : Planned Parenthood – Planned Parenthood provides women with free, basic care like cancer screenings. They don’t just do abortions! With a Trump/Pence presidency around the corner (not to mention a republican-controlled congress), they could definitely use the help. Your funding helps women everywhere!

Do you have any favorite organizations or charities?  Call them out below!

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