Mankind just doesn’t deserve dogs. They are the epitome of goodness and hope in the world. For proof, look no further than Psilocybe Games’ new project, Balthazar’s Dream on Kickstarter. The team behind the criminally underrated Pigsodus is back with a beautiful new pixel art, puzzle platformer. This time with a heroic canine lead.

Balthazar’s Dream tells the story of our fluffy protagonist, Balthazar and his human BFF, Dustin. When Dustin goes into a coma after being struck by an ice cream truck, his chances of ever waking again are minimal. As he rests in the hospital, his faithful dog Balthazar sleeps by his side, dreaming of strange and mysterious lands.


Recognizing Dustin’s presence the dreamworld, Balthazar follows after his friend. Unfortunately, there is another, far more menacing presence in this world as well. Balthazar must stop this malicious presence from taking his boy away, forever.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Gameplay consists of dreamlike levels, full of puzzles and platforming perils which Balthazar must overcome. Players must utilize special mechanics, unique to our canine hero. Since dogs have a limited attention span, Balthazar must stay focused on his mission. As his focus diminishes, so does his control, causing him to frantically chase objects or flee in terror. The dreamworld is also filled with doggy dangers, such as grapes and chocolate.


After Pigsodus was unable to get funded I had hoped Psilocybe would bounce back with another unusual, but impressive, project. Balthazar’s Dream does not disappoint. The narrative seems just as deep and the gameplay just as fun as its predecessor. There is even a demo.

The difference seems to be in the size and scope of the game as compared to Pigsodus, which had a much larger funding goal. Psilocybe is seeking the minimal necessary investment ($3,000) to bring Balthazar’s Dream to life. Hopefully this campaign will succeed because Psilocybe is a developer that deserves to be more radars.

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