When it comes to comedic adventure games, the stranger the better. If you toss in a heaping dose of Monty Python-like silliness you’re sure to have a great experience. With¬†Lancelot’s Hangover, the pitch showed a lot of promise. The beta build at the time was fun to play through, but recently a new backer-only build was released to those who gave money to the game. With Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayte’s blessing, I gave it a go and below are my thoughts on it.

Lancelot's Hangover

To start off, this build is just a very short introduction and one-room slice of the full game. It covers roughly a half hour’s worth of content if you get stuck. I’ll admit even though I’m a veteran at this genre I still found myself stumped. Still, it shows that Jean-Baptiste is making good strides towards getting¬†Lancelot’s Hangover done.

Hipster Jesus

This demo was also showed off recently at AdventureX, so even if you weren’t a backer but attended you got to see it in action as well. The events take place at the very beginning of the game. God sends you on a quest to find the Holy Grail, put booze in it, and have the greatest party England has ever known. Oh, and he hates his son “Hipster Jesus”. If you’re at all offended by religious humor, you might want to steer clear.

Lancelot's Hangover

Anyway, after he sends you off on your quest, Lancelot ends up in “Redemption Land”. An obvious riff on Disneyland, it’s an amusement park where you can get your sins absolved. Unfortunately, there’s a line and Lancelot needs to get in quickly. This slice of the game covers him figuring out ways to get two hipsters, a horny nun accompanied by a deep voiced padre, and a married couple out of the line so he could come in. As I mentioned, it’s not necessarily easy to do.

Lancelot’s Hangover also got a bit of a facelift in the UI department. Jean-Baptiste mentioned the changes in an earlier update, but there are a couple new things to take into consideration if you played a previous build. Instead of LucasArts-style conversation topics, you’ve got pictures of each thing you can talk about. This was something I really liked as the icons are easier on the eyes and convey what each topic is better.

Lancelot's Hangover

So Many Stitches

Also, it’s been a while since I played a previous build, but Lancelot also has a lot more facial expressions when talking or looking at objects. However, the humor is still there, and I found myself in stitches through most of my time playing. If this is any indication of what to expect from the full game, I’m sure it’ll be well worth playing for any adventure game fan.

Lancelot’s Hangover is shaping up to be quite a fun experience. I’m certainly looking forward to getting my hands on more builds when they’re ready. When you’re wishing the latest beta build was longer, that’s saying something. I want to spend more time in France, where all the men are gay and the women have hairy armpits. I’d also want to spend time with Hipster Jesus and the hip-hop singing bear and mime. I just want more Lancelot in his pretty pink skivvies.

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