Escape rooms are pretty popular right now. For the uninitiated, you pay someone to lock you and a few friends in a room. Then they laugh as you try to solve puzzles to free yourselves. Depending on the skill-set of your friend-group this can either be really fun or really frustrating. These self-funded kidnapping simulators can also be a bit pricey. Fortunately, Ramhead Games is developing the ultimate solution. We Break Out Tonight offers all the fun of a social escape room experience without having to leave the house.

Adventures In Escaping

The game is currently seeking $1,832 over on Kickstarter and will include VR and non-VR compatibility. Players will be able to sleuth their way out of five scenarios in a race against the clock. Some of the puzzle-based story adventures potential backers can look forward to include; stopping a runaway train, uncovering an Egyptian tomb, or solving a serial-killer murder mystery.


Honestly, it sounds kinda fun, but I’m curious about its replayability after you’ve figured out the trick to each level. The Kickstarter page does promise multiple difficulty modes, presumably because everyone has that one friend who needs all the help they can get. If you aren’t sure which of your friends this refers to, congrats it’s you.

My stunted problem-solving abilities aside, there is definitely potential here. Particularly if Ramhead plans to keep supporting the game with new scenarios after release.

We Break Out Tonight is currently trying to sway the Steam community to vote for them on Greenlight. To this end, they will be releasing a Christmas themed demo next week on December 14th. The demo will have Santa and his elves working to escape imprisonment at the hands of a mystery captor.

I’m not sure why they didn’t release the demo along-side the Kickstarter campaign, but I’ll still probably check it out. Now I just need to convince all my smart friends to join me.

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