As the year comes to a close, a lot of Kickstarter campaigns seem to be dashing through the snow to bring their backers some merry Christmas updates. (My deepest apologies for the festive puns.) Formula Fusion’s latest update is certainly a case for that, as the anti-gravity racing game just showed up with a bombastic set of additions and improvements to its Early Access build.

Starting up Steam right now should queue a download bringing you a full new track along with fresh offensive and defensive weapons, physics handling improvements, HUD changes, different camera views and much, much more. All of it is explained in great detail over here, so I won’t bore you with all the specifics myself. What I will say is that what’s on display looks mighty fine, certainly elevating that classic WipEout feeling of heavy gliding by adding even more frantic shooting.

With Redout now being out and Sony recently announcing an upcoming 4K remaster of WipEout HD, Fury and 2048, this has been quite a good year for fans of anti-gravity arcade racing games. R8 Games also mentioned that it sees the announcement as a positive thing in relation to Formula Fusion, mainly as a confirmation of the large number of players enthusiastic about the genre.

The company’s sudden resurgence comes after a 7-month drought of Formula Fusion Kickstarter activity. A couple of updates prior to this one were released in December, those mostly acting as teasers mentioning the company’s recent developments following the acquisition of a “committed investor”. The studio said that “as a result Formula Fusion has moved far beyond its origins into something entirely more substantial than would have otherwise been possible.”

You can see the results for yourself in this video, brought to you by the juicy musical accompaniment of DubFX:

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