Coming Out On Top Gets Last Two Brofinder Dates

Coming Out on Top

I’m a big fan of queer games. One of the first ones I backed on Kickstarter was a gay dating sim called Coming Out On Top. While the base game has been out for a while now, the extras have been coming in piecemeal. As of the latest update, however, all of the extra dates are now finally in. I have been holding off on playing until the game is in a complete state. With the ninth and tenth “Brofinder” dates finally added I think I’ll finally take the plunge.

Coming Out On Top

Coming Out On Top was a visual novel I’ve been eager to play despite not doing so beyond the original demo. That said, I love a good yaoi game and this one fit the bill at the time. The full info for the final two dates can be found on Obscurasoft’s Web site along with the downloads of the full game. I plan on downloading it soon and finally getting the full experience in one go.


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Serena Nelson
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Serena Nelson
Serena Nelson