I’m usually not a fan of Mecha games. They’re just not the genre that really captures my interest. That said, I do enjoy the rich and robust setting of Battletech, so I ended up backing the Kickstarter for it. In the latest update, the people at Harebrained Schemes took the time to talk about melee combat. And, honestly, it was an interesting read even for a Luddite like myself.


I enjoyed playing the early build of Battletech at GenCon this year, but I never got the chance to get up close and personal with the enemy. Which was a shame as it would have been fun to do so. The update goes into much more detail than I can share here, so to be sure to read it. A combination of what can best be described as “simple yet complex” is what they’re going for here.


Instead of giving players too many options, each ‘Mech has just a standard “Engage” option. The type of battle robot and their current status help to determine what action gets scripted out. No matter what happens, if the hit lands it does damage. Short range weaponry can also play a part in what happens.


The more I read about the new Battletech game, the more I look forward to playing the finished thing. Harebrained has proven themselves with their Shadowrun line, and I see this one as no exception. What I’m most looking forward to is the campaign, but the gameplay updates are just as interesting to read.

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