Starfall Studios confirmed that their Kickstarted stealth platformer, Sneaky Ninja will still be releasing on Wii U. Many developers have been quick to shift development towards Nintendo’s new Switch console, but Starfall wanted to first and foremost deliver on what they had promised backers.

Despite the certainty of their recent Kickstarter update, Starfall wasn’t able to set a release date for the Wii U as of yet. This isn’t unusual for indie games. It is difficult to predict the time required for the approvals and certifications necessary to release on a major console. The update did say they expected the PC version to release in early February of 2017. The Wii U version would release as soon as possible afterwards. They have also not ruled out creating a version for Switch in the future.

Sneaky Ninja was funded for $10,867 with the support of 206 Kickstarter backers in Spring of 2015. The 2D stealth platformer promises to be a Mario-esque version of Mark of the Ninja. You can check out more over on Steam (if you can get it to load, pesky Christmas Sale).

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