After a few months without news updates, Elastic Games revealed that Last Year secured a $560,000 with Canada Media Fund, Business Development Bank of Canada, and Fondation Montreal Inc. This investment brings the total funding for Last Year up to $930,000 CAD.

With this investment, the team hopes to hire more talent. Elastic Games assure backers that they’ll be working full-time on bringing the game to life and making it “the most thrilling multiplayer horror game available.” The announcement also teases more “innovative” features, and that October’s Predator Mode reveal was “just the beginning.”

Backer Support: Shaken, But Steady

The news comes after October’s update, in which—to the chagrin of many backers—they delayed the game’s release. In the Predator Mode Reveal video, several backers complain about the lack of updates (October had been their first News post since April) but many continued to show support for the game.

Backers seem supportive of this latest announcement. After all, more funding ultimately means more features for the game; hopefully. If nothing else, players hope the game ends up better than the somewhat lackluster Friday the 13th game. Only time will tell.

Currently, Elastic Games hope to release the game—or at least make it playable for backers—in August 2017. Hopefully, in the coming months leading up to the release, we’ll receive some more consistent updates.

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