Interabang Entertainment released their December Update for Jay and Silent Bob. The team has been hard at work bringing the game to life with small teases released here and there to appease the fans.

This month’s update went over the team’s progress as far as game design, animations, and combat goes. Curiously, the team states they wish to simplify the game’s combat but cite complex action games like “Devil May Cry 1-25 (har)” and Bayonetta as their main inspiration. Joking aside, they look to those games for their smooth combat animations and free-flow combo styles with heavy finishers, rather than their physical mechanics. I hope this means we get a cutscene of Jay and Silent Bob punching someone into the sun, though.

The team showed off the Jersey Streets area of the game, using an animated sketch-to-final-product screenshot to visualize their progress. They’ve also finished sketching most of the levels, and they simply need a nice coat of paint now.

The animations show off a new Hipster enemy that attacks with his neckbeard. Many animations are still just keyframes, but Jay’s death animation looks pretty much done:

jay and silent bob

I just want to know how his pants come undone like that.

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