It’s no secret that I’ve loved every moment of Dreamfall Chapters. Just look at our previous coverage if you don’t believe me. Even though all five episodes have been released, Red Thread Games continues to work on finishing touches. The latest update includes a lot of good information, including console ports and backer-only physical goodie news. But, that’s not all they have to talk about.

To coincide with the console release on March 24, a definitive “Final Cut” will be given to all platforms. This means a lot of cleanup and new content will be included in the final release of Dreamfall Chapters. This also means it should be worth revisiting a second time. Of particular note are the in-game backer rewards, most of which ended up not being included during the episodic releases.

The entire Dreamfall saga has been nothing but an epic experience, and it shouldn’t be surprising they want to end it all on the right note. There have been fans that don’t want the story to end, including myself. However, I always feel it’s more about the journey and less the destination. And Dreamfall Chapters is certainly a game worth playing for it.

Dreamfall Chapters

It’s been four years since the Kickstarter for Dreamfall Chapters launched. In just a couple months it’ll all be over. With the physical goodies shipping soon after the “Final Cut” and console releases, that could be it for this saga. Ragnar has stated there’ll be no more games in this universe, which is a shame. Still, it will be good to see the series sent off in style.

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