After months of intense early access recon, Hive Jump is ready for release. Developer, Graphite Lab has announced that their roguelike run-and-gun will launch on Steam on January 18th, 2017. Players will finally be able to take the fight directly to the Ordovician army and prevent a global swarming.

With the game’s release imminent, Graphite published a Kickstarter update to address some frequently asked backer questions. Chief among those was the timeline for the Wii U version of Hive Jump.

Graphite Labs reassured backers that they are “still committed to releasing Hive Jump on the Wii U.” They have already been hard at work creating Wii U exclusive features for the project. The update states that the team has already made great strides in improving physics, inputs, and animations for the Wii U version. They have promised to update backers once everything is bug free and submitted for certification.

Naturally, with all the excitement about Nintendo’s new Switch console hitting the news, backers were curious if Hive Jump might make the leap to the new system. Graphite was quick to temper their enthusiasm.

Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves

In response to a comment on the update, Graphite said “We’re excited about the possibility of Hive Jump coming to the Nintendo Switch, but there’s no Switch version currently in development. If that changes, we’ll be sure to let our backers know first!”

Now that Hive Jump will be on Steam, the developers are planning to focus on delivering physical backer rewards by April. They will also go back and add proper localization for international gamers. Initially, Hive Jump will launch with only English text.

With the first part of their campaign nearly completed, the developers are already looking forward to the next steps. “We have various plans in place based on various levels of success, so we’ll let you know more details after launch!”, the update concluded.

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