Xenobia was an all-robot utopian society of peaceful precision. All of that changed when the humans invaded. Now the planet is under attack and it’s up to an unassuming robot named Doug to save his world in Save State Game’s newest project, Liquid Metal.

The freshly launched Kickstarter campaign is seeking $65,000 to bring the 3D adventure platformer to life. Save State is hoping to raise enough funds to not only complete the game, but also retain full creative control over its development. This will allow them the freedom to make the goal-based adventure game, “truly unique and creative without limits.”

One such unique choice is the promise of access to the alpha demo, but only to backers who pledge on day one. It seems like this special offer should have been extended to all of the game’s backers. Particularly since the team is planning to debut the alpha demo for the hordes of gamers at PAX South next week. The more complete beta demo will be released publicly sometime in April.

Liquid Metal was able entice the audience at Steam Greenlight. This secured its spot for a future Steam release. The devs are also planning Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

You’ll Have To Take Their Word For It

In addition to (what we are told is) a nearly complete alpha demo, the team reports that they have already worked out the core game mechanics, game play, and story of Liquid Metal. Successful funding will enable them to assemble a small team of programmers and designers. This will allow them to compete the rest of the game for its December 2017 release.


There is certainly a great deal of potential behind Liquid Metal. I know of at least one Cliqist writer who will be overjoyed at the prospect of a new 3D platformer. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that the campaign is a little light on game mechanic details. It’s the sort of problem that developers typically solve by including a demo. You know, one that everyone can check out.

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