I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of dungeon crawlers, but I love me some old school JRPG fun. Ancient Dungeon MV is a mix of both, and while it shows some promise there’s still a lot of unknowns going in with the pitch. For starters, there’s no video. That’s a sort of forgivable sin, but it would have been nice to see like a trailer or something.

Ancient Dungeon MV

That said, we do know a little bit about Ancient Dungeon MV. Not much, but at least it’s better than some campaigns. It’s a dungeon crawler using the RPG Maker engine. There’s no story to speak of, but most games of this type don’t rely on it. Instead, you’ll be going down one level after another until you hit bottom. That’s just fine with me, even though I prefer to have a narrative with the games I play these days.

The screenshots also show some promise. I’ve enjoyed a few RPG Maker games before, but others just fall flat. Some have even used stock images upon release. While Johnny C Badd has admitted to using existing assets currently, I’m sure they’re just placeholders for now. That said, the art does look good. If the campaign’s successful I’m sure most of the sprites will be custom made, or at least modified enough to not look stock.

Ancient Dungeon MV

The asking price of only $200 may seem incredibly low, but it’s discussed in the pitch why. It looks like that amount is just enough to buy a copy of RPG Maker MV, a Greenlight campaign on Steam, and Kickstarter fees. Even though I probably will pass on Ancient Dungeon MV, I do hope the best for the creator.

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