With Yooka-Laylee’s April 11th release date coming up fast, developer Playtonic has unveiled the 3D platformer’s new multiplayer mode. Set in “Rextro’s Radical Arcade,” the mode adds 8 competitive arcade style games. Designed for up to four in local multiplayer, the games can also be completed as timed single-player events.

The new mode is a callback to the days of couch multiplayer. A more simple time where intense proximity-based competition would make or break lifelong friendships. Players will duel it out through (among others) an arena brawler, old-school kart race, and something called a Jobstacle Course.

Multiplayer also adds a co-op option to the main Yooka-Laylee adventure. Player-two takes control of the Bee Team. They can then complete a bevy of tasks such as grabbing quills, collecting butterflies, and stopping traps.

Last month’s announcement of the cancellation of the Wii U version of Yooka-Laylee was still fresh in the minds of backers. Playtonic had stated that, “despite our best efforts and exploring every possible avenue, we’ve encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for us to release the game on Wii U as initially planned.”

Switching To The Switch

In its place they confirmed that they had begun working with Nintendo to bring Yooka-Laylee to the upcoming Switch console. Sadly, this version will not be ready in time for the April 11th release date. Backers have the option of changing their pledge to a different platform or upgrading for a still in development Switch version.

Currently there isn’t much information about the Switch version, a fact that rankles many loyal backers. Playtonic did mention that they are working on a much larger update and encouraged all Kickstarter backers to make sure their Backer Kit account is up-to-date ahead of any platform switching.

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