Began as a six-man graduation project, a new third person action-adventure game will be making its way to Kickstater this March. It may be too early to be certain, but from what I’ve seen on the Twirlbound website, Pine is going to be a project worth keeping an eye on.

The gameplay follows a brave adolescent named Hue, a member of one of the last human tribes on the island of Albamare. In the world of Pine, humans never reached the top of the food-chain. Instead other species forged onward, developing tools and languages. Left at a distinct physical disadvantage, the human tribes are struggling. It’s up to Hue to find a new home and ensure the human’s survival.

If the premise isn’t enough to hook you, Pine also features an advanced artificial intelligence system. Enemies will learn to recognize your play style and adapt accordingly. Defensive players will find themselves going up against more aggressive species. Players who prefer to dash through danger will encounter faster enemies to challenge. The world and creatures of Pine all evolve specifically in response to the player’s actions.

Survival Of The Fittest

That’s not to say that the creatures of Pine don’t have other concerns. Based on real-life evolution and ecology theory, species will do whatever is necessary to survive. Dynamic weather and day/night cycles can send them scurrying for shelter or migrating to more resource rich areas. Hue will have to choose allies and enemies wisely in order to uncover the vast mysteries surrounding Albamare.

Pine is currently in development for PC (Window/Mac). Depending on how well the upcoming crowdfunding campaign does, the devs would also like to bring the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Kickstarter campaign will launch in March 2017 with the game’s release planned for the end of 2018.

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