In Keen, speed is the name of the game. Unless of course, you prefer more tactical turn-based combat. Then feel free to swap out its speedy hack’n’slash gameplay for something more methodical. In Cat Nigiri’s new Indiegogo project, everyone can find something to enjoy.

Seeking a flexible funding goal of $20,000, Keen has already caught the eye of the gamer community. Approved by both, the Square Enix Collective and Steam Greenlight, Cat Nigiri is hoping to expand Keen into a fleshed out game, full of exciting hand-drawn environments and more than 20 unique enemies.

The story follows a young girl named Kim. Living in a remote village with her grandmother, Kim acts as the village guardian. A position which has become largely ceremonial after centuries of peace. Unfortunately for Kim, the peace is about to end. An evil corporation has launched a devious world-domination plot involving brainwashed minions and high-tech robot soldiers. Now Kim must skate her way through detail-rich, hand-drawn worlds to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and save her village.

Hurry And Take Your Time

The tactical approach to combat makes Keen stand out. Players can slide Kim vertically and horizontally around rooms and through enemies. In Keen moving and attacking are one in the same. Successful combat requires lining up enemies so Kim can rush through them, with her trusty blade. Combat is turn-based, so players can decide between a slow and steady approach or all out hack’n’slash melee. This results in gameplay that is both quick-paced and methodical.

The current version of Keen is a pre-alpha demo build offering between 30 minutes and one hour of gameplay. Cat Nigiri is developing Keen for PC and console and plans to complete the project regardless of the outcome of their crowdfunding campaign, which sadly hasn’t fared well over on Indiegogo.

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