Practically everybody has heard of the famous ocean liner Titanic. It sank at the bottom of the northern Atlantic after getting struck by an iceberg in 1912. This event has been chronicled in pretty much every form of media since. It has captured the imaginations of many in the century since the sinking. Few have experienced the wreck itself, but with Titanic VR you can do so yourself. From the comfort of your own home.

Titanic VR

I’ve been very much interested in this supposedly unsinkable ship for a long time. It holds a special meaning in recent world history, with so many lives lost on board. With Titanic VR you can explore both the undersea graveyard as well as events on that fateful night. That’s right, this game is essentially a two-parter. I’m excited for both aspects, but around $20 might be a bit steep of a game. Even one as immersive as this one.

I don’t own a virtual reality headset. I would love one, especially for games like this. It would be great to see the wreck of the Titanic in VR, but it’s not required. Thankfully, Titanic VR is also playable in standard ways. If there is a reason to get a VR headset, this is certainly one though. However, it will play out the same regardless.

Titanic VR

The asking price for just the game is high enough for me to not back Titanic VR instantly. However, it’s not too high that I don’t want to keep an eye on the development. For now, I have it starred. For updates, though, I might be inclined to put in at least a buck to know more. Edutainment games like this one are well worth at least taking a look at. In the meantime, I’ll be sure to check out the demo provided.

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