We continue Double Fine Adventure Week, celebrating the 5th anniversary of Double Fine’s infamous Kickstarter campaign with a look at the accompanying documentary series, itself titled Double Fine Adventure. This series filmed by the award winning 2 Player Productions is a marvel in video game documentaries, and is essential viewing for Double Fine fans, anyone who wants to get into the gaming industry, or just anyone looking for a compelling documentary. We discuss its root, and the impact it’s had on Double Fine and the industry in today’s video.

It’s a rare thing, a documentary showing every step of a game’s development. There have been others that feature developers talking about their games, or working on some aspect of the game, or showing a part of its development. But never before has there been a full length documentary series showing every step of a game’s creation, from the initial idea to the final release years later.

Double Fine Adventure gives us a lot of insight into both the goings on at Double Fine during production on what would become Broken Age, as well as a look at game development in general. You learn a lot about the development process, and how Double Fine reacted to the constant barrage of negative attacks by those calling them scammers. What started as a fun, groundbreaking endeavor dragged on for four years, and became a grind for everyone involved. And we got to see every step of that journey.

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