We’re wrapping out Double Fine Adventure week with a review of Broken Age, what else?

A quick reminder how reviews work here at Cliqist. Instead of just telling you our thoughts on the game, we instead compare how similar the final game is to what was originally pitched in the Kickstarter campaign. That’s pretty difficult in the case of Broken Age, since the original campaign was completely bereft of any information about what the game would be, outside of the genre. Not that that’s necessarily a problem.

Right from the start of the pitch video until the bottom of the Kickstarter page, it’s clear just what Double Fine’s ambitions were, at least originally. Those objectives are threefold, all told by Schafer himself. The main objectives were to show people how video games are made through a documentary series, and to establish a new, viable method of financing game development. The final aspect, the game itself, was almost an afterthought to the first two points.

You can hear about all this and much more in the video above. All that’s left to say here is Happy Anniversary to Double Fine, 2 Player Productions, and to all the backers and haters alike. These last five years in the crowdfunding world have been a roller coaster ride for everybody, and the next five years are likely to be just as exhilarating.

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Josh Griffiths

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