Lobster, otherwise known as Ian Kragh, is one of the most prolific miners of Kickstarter video game data around.  Read almost any Kickstarter thread in a video game forum and you’ll most likely seem him chime in with a mind blowing amount of data, analysis, and commentary.  Invaluable for developers, and deeply interesting for backers, Lobster’s Kickstarter video game analysis is a must-read for anyone involved in the crowdfunding community.

The Pedestrian

Here are graphs for The Pedestrian.

The drops in the number of backers from one reward tier to the next in the $15 to $200 range did very well. In general, drops of less than a 75% is what to aim for in the uncapped tiers. The sequence of prices of the reward tiers avoided large price jumps.

Another general observation is that for a $15 priced game the average pledge should be between $22 and $31 per backer. The Pedestrian worked its way up from $18 to $20 and finally to $21.53 per backer, so the average was never really too low. A few large backers would have likely brought the average up above $22 per backer on a similar campaign. The Pedestrian’s progress did not depend on large backers which is impressive from my perspective.

The Jack Septic Eye video for The Pedestrian’s demo currently has over 1,362,731 views.


Banner Saga 3 lost a backer at its $5,000 tier on the weekend. It caused the progress for the total amount pledged to go backwards on February 19th.

Red Ash failed on Kickstarter, but it apparently still has the related animated film being worked on.

Stop Skeletons From Fighting recently uploaded a video about Inafune’s history.

Thaumistry: In Charm’s Way is running its campaign in the generic Games category instead of the Video Games subcategory. That is really poor for visibility. The project has Bob Bates (of Infocom fame) involved.


The 12th project update on February 10th for Beautiful Desolation showed off the deluxe boxed copy at the $149 tier. After that project update the $149 tier jumped from 8 to 24 backers. The $149 tier had 50 backers at the end of the campaign.

Between 60% and 70% of the allocated funds for Winds of Change is just from backers at the $500 tier. The $500 tier for an in-game cameo currently has 17 backers. $8,500 from the $500 tier is 52.83% of the current $16,090 pledged and it dwarfs the contributions from the other reward tiers.

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