As long as mankind has existed we’ve loved a good fight. From gore covered coliseums to sanctioned face punching competitions, few things get the blood pumping (and spilling) like combat. When the folks at Triternion decided to turn their passion for melee into a game they knew they’d need to make the combat stand out. With their recent Kickstarter for Mordhau, they’ve done just that.

The campaign surpassed its $80,000 goal in less than 24 hours. Backers are already closing in on the first stretch goal. Mordhau features multiplayer medieval fighting from simple duels all the way up to massive 64-person castle sieges. Everything is beautifully rendered, in all its gory goodness, in Unreal Engine, but the game’s free flowing combat and expressive controls are where it really stands out.

Triternion designed their melee combat system to allow players to cut and thrust with their weapon from 240 different angles. With a simple mouse flick, players can send their blade preciously where it will do the most harm to their enemies. This results in fast-paced exchanges with an occasional loss of limbs on the side.

Different Ways To Slay

While the focus is definitely on close-quarter combat, players are also able to take control of siege equipment and lay waste to a variety of environments. For those players who don’t want to dirty their hands, there is also the ability to fight from horseback, which looks exactly as cool as it sounds.

In addition to the various combat options, players also have tons of ways to customize their warrior. Everything from gender to the amount of polish on your armor can be tweaked and changed to your heart’s content.

The developers have been building and polishing Mordhau bit by bit on their own dime and have come to Kickstarter for a final push towards launch. They plan to skip early access entirely and instead focus on getting everything together for a March 2018 release.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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