PolyKnight Games has just revealed that backers can expect even more from their professional debut, InnerSpace. Thanks to a partnership with Aspyr Media, the team was able nearly double the size of the game from the initial crowdfunding campaign. Now they are working towards a multi-platform summer release.

InnerSpace will literally be twice the game that was originally pitched,” PolyKnight revealed in an update on Kickstarter. The increased scope of the project added new worlds, mechanics, and demigod encounters for backers to look forward to. “The final result will be a much more robust, complete experience.”

More Space For Your Buck

Known for being a leading publisher of games on MAC, Aspyr has increased their portfolio to include more indie projects. With these resources, PolyKnight said they were able to maintain control over the design of the game. At the same time they could craft the best possible experience for their fans.

InnerSpace is releasing on PC, MAC, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer.

Joanna Mueller
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Joanna Mueller


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