For the uninitiated, Ape Law’s surreal, psychological horror adventure, Albino Lullaby feels like some sort of sick joke. Meanwhile, fans of psychological horror have come to relish the game’s peculiar world. Now, they’ll be able to access even more of it.

Ape Law follows the David Lynch school of creating horror out of the uncanny. To that end, Albino Lullaby drops the unsuspecting player into an underground Victorian surrealist nightmare world. Players are left to uncover the twisted narrative while being relentlessly pursued by the creepy ‘Grandchildren’. It’s unsettling and confusing in all the right ways.

While episode one left most players with far more questions than answers, Ape Law is attempting to drop some hints with the release of a new webcomic. The prequel comic, Shanghai Eclipse focuses on “a pivotal moment in the grandchildren’s bizarre family history.” Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can expect any answers.

Delving Further Into The Unnervingly Bizarre

The ten part webcomic follows a crew of whalers and a young girl named Alice aboard the steamship, Shanghi Eclipse. The nautical adventure kicks off with Alice, and the reader, getting a quick overview of whaling tactics and the use of drogues. While the pictures and limited use of color hint at an underlying terror, there isn’t much to work from just yet. Just like in the game, we’re left to piece together the overarching story bit by bit in subsequent issues.

The first part of the webcomic is available now through Tapastic, Webtoons, and SmackJeeves. You can also visit Steam to pick up the Albino Lullaby season pass before Episode 2 drops in September. Just, don’t expect to feel any less disturbed afterwards.

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