In Hypernova, you play as the Scynthians, an alien race that is fleeing its crumbling home planet in search of a new spot in the galaxy to call home. But as you already know, there are no roads or bridges connecting various planets beyond the stratosphere – or anywhere in the universe, for that matter. Thus the only hope for these aliens is to construct an “interstellar teleportation device,” and the only place that contains the resources to construct such a device is a moon by the name of Haya.

As far as gameplay goes, Hypernova is a real-time strategy game that features tower-defense mechanics alongside resource management and civilization building, all of which you can get a glimpse of in the colourful screenshots laid out on their IndieGoGo page. On top of that, Slovenian developer ActaLogic has included a plethora of creature designs with descriptions to boot. Take the “Threeeye,” for one, which has got a healthy dose of both speed and damage, and an “absurdly overgrown skull” to boot.

The designs remind me of my time spent in AAA game dev Epic’s alien defense game Fortnite, which still happens to be in its Alpha development stage. And with Fortnite still toiling in Alpha, who knows, at this rate maybe Actalogic will release Hypernova before Fortnite even enters open beta. There’s no doubt that gamers will get their fill of quirky alien-based action if Hypernova reaches its campaign goal of $48,000 over the course of the next couple of weeks.

You can vote for Hypernova on their Steam Greenlight page, support them on IndieGoGo, or check out their website for screenshots, contact info and more.

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